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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Conference Chairs
Sep 13, 2018

Conference chair is a kind of service and working tool in the office. What we usually see is leather chair. More cleaning and maintenance can prolong its life.

1, general cleaning. Sometimes the meeting is not very dirty, the surface does not seem to be polluted, we will soon use clean water to clean his surface, and then use a vacuum cleaner on his metal parts on it.

2, thoroughly clean. Sometimes we see chairs that are particularly dirty. For example, if someone spits vomit on a chair, we have to do a special scenario. First we clean the surface with detergent, then wipe the detergent off, and finally vacuum his metal parts.

3, in addition to cleaning, we should pay more attention to its maintenance at ordinary times. Do not pour water and other liquids into the metal parts to avoid rust, if you can cover its surface with a chair cover is better, because it can protect the surface of the chair.

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