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How To Distinguish Hall Chair From Bad Or Bad
Sep 13, 2018

Certificate Law: The leather of the factory has a clear source, the place of production, the leather factory standard, the leather test sheet, the license for the use of leather and other basic information, indispensable.

Label method: positive factory leather, the back will mark the date of manufacture, the name and area of the leather factory, etc. (manufacturing dates should not be too long. Leather should be noted for moldy appearance for more than 3 years).

Viewing method: Under the 30 times magnifying glass, you can see the leather surface is like the moon surface, pits and holes, its permeability is good. Cross cut leather with blades, so the color of leather from outer layer to inner layer must be consistent. Pay attention to whether there is color difference under the surface layer, so that you can avoid buying second-hand leather that is dyed or changed.

Olfaction: Good leather should not have a pungent smell after treatment, so too much solvent and paint smell is not good.

Heat-resistant method: It is better to ask the manufacturer for a small piece of leather, with cigarette end touch hot sample up to 2-3 seconds, can avoid buying PU products, with a lighter burning because of the contact area is large, so the time needs to be extended.

Wipe method: to wipe the surface of the leather with oil to remove stains, pay attention to the fading and shedding phenomenon, can avoid buying twice color change leather.

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