Cinema Seating

There are two types of cinema seating in the cinema, standard fabric cinema chairs and VIP cinema sofa. Linsen Seating offers both types of cinema seats for sale. Loveseats for both types are also included. The lover’s bed is more and more popular seats as well. Let us know what you want, we can always meet your need.

For standard chairs, you can choose movie theater chairs with or without plastic covers. Plastic movie theater seating furniture are easy to clean, so most people choose this type. But some people also want to get colored chairs or don’t like black plastic at the lowest cost, so they choose cinema hall chairs without plastic covers. Which one do you like?

Home Theater Recliners

Home Cinema Seating

Home cinema seating helps you improve your life quality with its diverse functionality and make your home more colorful with its good designs and colors. Linsen Seating Furniture offers modern comfortable home theater seating. We have lots of nice design … Read More
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Reclining Cinema Chairs

Reclining cinema chairs is not only popular with home movie theaters, but also more and more widely used in the commercial theaters as cinema VIP sofa because of its comforts, good appearance and virious functions. Commercial cinemas are up-grading and … Read More
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Movie Theater Chairs

A variety of movie chairs for your options to meet different tastes and people. Fixing seating or movable cinema chairs without damaging the floor are also available. Movie theater chairs differ from each other depending on the patterns of backrest, … Read More

Cinema Loveseats

Cinema loveseats is without a middle arm in the middle. We have regular fabric seats for traditional cinema, and reclining loveseats in cinemas or home theaters. Conventional loveseat is installed without functions and is usually used only in the last … Read More
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Movie Beds

Movie beds are not very common, but are also required for some very high end screen rooms. Usually these cineplexes prepare one cinema room with love beds for those who need them. With more and more people willing to pay … Read More

Linsen Seating cinema chairs for sale all combine comtemprory and value. They gave you a modern flavor for your movie theater space. With selected materials including the frame and upholsteries or even small accessories, our chairs always leave you an impression of prestige and a high-end sense. Our theater chairs for sale are all designed according to human ergonomic to make people feel comfortable even after a long time sitting on it. It is not too soft nor too hard which is just the right hardness to supporting your long time sitting.

Many customers like soft cinema room chairs and cinema sofas for the for the feeling. While for short time sitting, soft cinema seating can make you feel relaxing within a short time.

While cinema seating is for watching movies, football games or any other entertainments, which usually takes a long time. Thinking about it, if you are embracing by something soft and you sink in a space a long time, how will you feel it? You must be exhausted because it can not change according to your needs. You can not even move easily. So too soft cinema chairs won’t be the best choice. So good cinema seating should be the right firmness, soft but not too hard.

Linsen Seating have been working on this point that is finding the right hardness cinema chairs for our people all the time. Now we think we have made it. We developed 3 kinds of firmness to meet different customers tastes. But all 3 tastes is based on a reasonable hardness.

Not only good quality and good designs, Linsen Seating cinema seats price are also very reasonable. You can always find the right and suitable theater room chairs with good price that fit you because we have various designs to meet diverse demands.

If you are planing for a commercial movie theaters or home cinema, come to take a look at our theater chairs for sale, you will be inspired. Or you are warmly welcomed to contact us for more experienced advice.