What Is the Best Home Theater Seats

Home theater seats comes in many kinds and styles. Some people may use regular sofa, bean bag chairs, standard cinema seats or even some other style of chairs. But home theater recliners should be the best and most suitable chairs … Read More

3 Seat Theater Seating

3 seat theater seating should be the easiest matching and most popular layout. Like 4 seat theater seating, it is very suitable for small families. layout drawing There are also many kinds of configurations for options. Theater loveseat and 3 … Read More

4 Seat Theater Seating

4 seat theater seating is one of the most popular home theater seating. Why? It has appropriate width When setting up your home theater, making sure everybody gets a good view at the screen is important. 4 seat theater recliner … Read More

Why choose Curved Home Theater Seating?

Curved home theater seating is more and more popular for its specal accents. Linsen Seating is able to make any kinds of home theater seating configuration. With different kinds of wedge arms to meet different theater seating designs, each home … Read More

How To Set Up Commercial Movie Theaters?

Movie Theaters or cinema is a place to show movies to the audience. At the beginning of the film, the film was shown in cafes, tea houses and other places. With the advancement and development of the film, there has … Read More

Theater Seating Manufacturer

LINSEN SEATING furniture is a professional theater seating manufacturer specializing in fixed auditorium seating, movable auditorium seating, and different types of cinema seating and theater seats such as movie theater chairs and cinema recliners. Founded in the biggest furniture town … Read More

Theater Seating Styles

Theater seating styles are diversity now. Mainly there are 3 kinds of theater seats. 1. movie theater chairs with intergrated cup holder It is a kind of normal cinema chair with moulded foam in the seat core and backrest. Covered … Read More

How do I Choose A Theater Recliner Chair?

Recliner chairs nowadays is widely used in home theatre as well as commercial cinema. They have many common factors to consider but also differences when choosing theater recliner chairs. For commercial movie theatre, you need to consider the comforts, functionality … Read More

5 Best Home Theater Chairs For Tall People

What is the best home theater chairs for me? That is one of the most significant questions when you are building a home cinema room, especially for those who are taller than the others. Home theater recliner chairs is created … Read More

How to preserve leather theater recliner

Generally, leather theater recliners are expensive. The way that you use them decides on how long it can be used. If you can protect and use movie recliners correctly, you can expect a new reclining theater sofa a life span … Read More

How to choose upholstery for home theater seating

Different upholstery gives you different taste of the home theater seating. How to choose the covers when you buy home theater chairs? Upholstery types of home theater seats for sale Generally, there are 5 kinds of way to match the … Read More

Power Recliner Hand Control

There are 2 kinds of recliners so there are 2 kinds of recliner hand control. For power recliners, it must be with power recliner hand control. Also its types are various because of its funstions and widely usage to meet … Read More

Recliner Mechanism Parts

Recliner mechanism parts for home theater recliner chair is one of the most important part of the recliner chairs. Linsen Seating uses selected strong mechanism to guarantee the long life span of the recliners. What is recliner mechanism? There are … Read More

Design Features Of Auditorium Chair

In most cases, the use of sofa-type cushion, in order to facilitate the evacuation of the people more use cushion can flip structure. The seat should take into account the seat number and the local lighting in the dark, allowing … Read More

Characteristics of cinema chair structure

Structural requirements for the flip cushion should be equipped with an automatic recovery mechanism, to ensure that no load after leveling back freely. According to customer needs to set the buffer device, the seat adjuster should be adjusted freely and … Read More