Design Features Of Auditorium Chair

In most cases, the use of sofa-type cushion, in order to facilitate the evacuation of the people more use cushion can flip structure. The seat should take into account the seat number and the local lighting in the dark, allowing … Read More

Characteristics of cinema chair structure

Structural requirements for the flip cushion should be equipped with an automatic recovery mechanism, to ensure that no load after leveling back freely. According to customer needs to set the buffer device, the seat adjuster should be adjusted freely and … Read More

Recliners Discount For Mother’s Day

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Recliner Mechanism Parts

Recliner mechanism parts for home theater recliner chair is one of the most important part of the recliner chairs. Linsen Seating uses selected strong mechanism to guarantee the long life span of the recliners. What is recliner mechanism? There are … Read More

Power Recliner Hand Control

There are 2 kinds of recliners so there are 2 kinds of recliner hand control. For power recliners, it must be with power recliner hand control. Also its types are various because of its funstions and widely usage to meet … Read More

How to choose upholstery for home theater seating

Different upholstery gives you different taste of the home theater seating. How to choose the covers when you buy home theater chairs? Upholstery types of home theater seats for sale Generally, there are 5 kinds of way to match the … Read More