Recliners, also know as functional recliner sofa, is a kind of smart furniture. It can not only be used in a living room, but also used in the movie theaters for home and commercial cinemas. Compared to the standard living room sofa, it can not only support comforts but also with adjusting functions which adds more relaxation for your body.

Recliner couches originates from the United States. And it has a histroy for decades. The people from America are crazy with comfortable cozy and relaxing life style. While the reclining sofa especially the home theater recliners can meet all these needs to help them enjoy better in their spare time.

There are 3 kinds of recliners when classified according to the functions and applications. They are power recliners, manual recliners, recliner sofa set and sectional recliners.

electric recliners

Power Recliners

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manual recliner

Manual Recliners

Manual recliner is a kind of classic home theater seating. It is usually one or two seats in a row. While with the development, we also work out methods to control the middle chairs. For some movie theaters that is … Read More
Leather Sectional Recliners

Recliner Sofa Set

Theater sofa set is another kind of combination of chairs. The set is usually 1 + 2 + 3, like the traditional home living room furniture. But it really depends on your needs. Tell us your needs, we can meet … Read More
home theater recliner chairs

Sectional Recliners

The entertainment environment can be diverse not only in upholstery and colors, but also in design s and combinations. So we also develop some designs of sectional sofa for home theater or living room to meet different tastes. We don’t … Read More

Power recliners

Power recliners is much more smart. It is electric functions when plug in. You can control the chair and make it move with the hand controller just at your fingerprints. You can lie down when you put the open button and come back when putting on the close button. Some recliner chairs with also with adjustable headrest. Your head can go up and down. ” Head Up” button help your head go up, ” Head Down” button help your head down and relax. You can stop at any position you like. It can perfectly provide support for your back and neck and help you achieve a comfortable and healthy sitting posture.

Manual recliners

The most simple one is the manual recliners. The sofa stretch out its footrest when you tap on the button in the side of the arm. It is economic but release your whole body after a long day working. When you need to put the footrest back into the chair, you will need to kick it back into the seat. It is a very economic design of comforts.

Rocker recliner

The recliner can also rotate 360° based on the reclining functions. Some can slide as well. Rocker recliner is also popular many big guy. It is strong enough to support heavy people. People with obese problem don’t need to worry too much sitting on such a big and comfortatable sofa while relax themselves.

All of the 3 types of recliners are more and more popular with movie theaters nowadays. More and more movie-goers would like to pay for cinema with cinema recliners. More and more cinemas are refurbishing their movie theaters with recliners to be more competitive. For those who like to watch movies at home, a good home theater with comfortable seats is a necessary.

Some recliner chairs can be with arm storage, healthy care, massage functions, lumbar support, adjustable headrests etc. These functions can help alleviate tension in your body and reduce the risk of back pain, making the ultimate comforts for the users.

Linsen Seating predicted these trends many years ago. So we have taken efforts to be more professional and now, we can say that we are experts in this line of business with great confidence. So if you want to buy movie theater recliners, home theater recliners, welcome to talk to us, you won’t be disappointed.

Which is more popular among the 3 kinds of recliner chairs?

People choose the recliner chair type according to the needs and budget. Usually manual recliners is more often used in living rooms. And if you want cheap recliner chairs, you can find designs among the manual recliner range. But if you have enough budget, rocker recliner for living room will be recommended.

While if you are choosing home theater chairs, power theater recliner chairs will be advised. Home theatre persue more comforts for the shows in the screen, power recliners offer you more enjoy than just the sitting and watching the movies. The theater recliner chair price also varies a lot according to the finishing and functions. Price is usually $350 – $1400. Talk to us, we can tailor the best and most suitable movie theater recliners for you.

Linsen Seating Best sale electric recliners

The best sale electric recliners will be LS-873, Electric Reclining Chair LS-804, Movie Theater Recliners For Sale LS-856 etc. They are popular because their multifunctions and easy to trasform according to differnt requests. No matter you want a wide or small version, they can be tailored to best fit your home space. The multi-functions add a lot joy to the user.