Reclining Cinema Chairs

Reclining cinema chairs is not only popular with home movie theaters, but also more and more widely used in the commercial theaters as cinema VIP sofa because of its comforts, good appearance and virious functions.

Commercial cinemas are up-grading and becoming more and more luxurious with the increasing of consumers’ income. The traditional cinema with standard folding cinema chairs can not meet their demands any more. With the development of Imax Cinema, all the equipments should be up-graded, including the cinema seating inside.This leads to the fast sales of cinema recliners.

As the cinema owners, you must want your cinema to be more competitive. Cinema seating as the most large scale part of the cinema room, it must be eye-catcher to leave an awesome impression on the consumer’s heart. Also as the only thing that touches the consumers’ body, it has to be very comfortable to leave them an impression of amazing and relaxing.

Linsen Seating reclining cinema chairs has many styles and upholstery in different colors. We can help you design attractive theater chair appearance. With selected premium materials, our chairs are very cozy.

You can also arrange rows or plan according to the size of the cinema room or your ideas. Regardless of single row or hundreds of seats, it is available. To fit your cinema decoration, we can help you design the reclining theater sofa that fit your cinema theme.

If you want to make your Cineplex or Imax cinema more competitive, Hurry up and come to talk to us to find the best cinema seats for your cinemas and grow up your business.

Are you looking for cinema theater furniture for your cinema or any other art performance center? Linsen Seating Furniture offers a wide range of media room furniture for those large scale space.

Depending on the size of the room and the number of theater seats. Our movie theater seating fits into a high-end furnished space. This is partly due to the nice line stitching and the use of the premium material. We use good quality leather that is easy to clean.

What materials do you use for our reclining cinema chairs?

We use solid wood frame matching with strong cold rolled steel frame as the foundation. They offers a firm base for the chair. The base come with good motors which is totally silent in the movement.

The padding on our electric theater recliners is high density foam. By combining different firmness of high density foam, we offer 3 kinds of hardness to meet the customers’ needs. We also use thick sinuos spring as supporting for the structure.

When we are sewing our upholstery, we use foam under to better support the covers. In this case, our chairs never wrinkle on the seat. It looks like new even after using of 5 years.

Besides, our other recliner chair parts and accessories including the nuts are also carefully selected. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact our sales team for more information.

Electric cinema recliners are most popular in the in North and South America, Western Europe, uk, and Australia, nz, and China Domestic Market for using in home and commercial places.