Home Theater Recliners

Home theater recliners from Linsen Seating have ultra comforts and long life span. The pattern are latest design. Our custom home theater seating is also very personalized for your home movie theaters.

Linsen Seating Movie theater recliners have nice and versatile design

One of the most exciting things about Linsen Seating is the sheer diversity of styles available. From sleek and modern to cozy and traditional, there’s a home theater sofa out there to suit every taste and aesthetic. So whether you’re looking to create a cutting-edge entertainment space or a warm and welcoming viewing room, there’s a home theater recliner out there that’s perfect for you.

Those home theater seating designs above are very esthetic and fashionable. They can go with many decoration style and help you make an attrative and comfortable home movie theater for a best movie experiences at home.

movie recliner chairs construction from linsen seating

Good design and appearance are just one of the features of an outstanding home theater couch. Another critical feature is the construction of home theater recliner chairs. The inner construction decides the durability and if you will be able to use the chairs smoothly. Our home theater sofa recliner is made of solid hard wood frame, instead of particle board which disable the movie recliners easily and brings a lot of after sales work for the dealers. Our theater sofa inner construction is hard wood frame matching with good matal frame, it has a warranty of 8 years.

Diverse upholstery for movie theater seats

Another important feature that affects the life span of a home theater recliner is the upholstery. Generally we use cow leather and microfiber leather most. Becuase most of our customers prefer top grain bovine leather theater sofa which is soft and breathable. As microfiber leather is durable, many customers would also like to choose microfiber leather as upholstery to meet their budget. Because microfiber theater seats is cheaper than leather theater recliner. Fabric is another popular choice for diverse colors and textures. Good fabric home theater seating also last long and feels comfortable as well as elegant. No matter which types of upholstery you choose, we can always meet your demands.

Best theater recliner sofa motor

For power theater recliners, the motors used in the recliner chair is also a key aspect to consider when you make a decision. Our standard electric theater recliners are equiped with OKIN MOTOR. It is the most famous motor brand for power recliners. Its performance is very stable. So our home theater seats always moves silently and dependable.

The most comfortable home theater recliner sofa

Except durability, you must be interested in home theater furniture comforts most. Both upholstery and construcion are the factors that impact the comforts. Another key factor is the foam used in the inside of theater sofa recliner. Good theater seating manufacturers should be able to select the most suitable firmness foam for movie theater sofa. Although different customers has different requests for firmness, theater seating manufacturers should keep it within a comfortable and suitable range for watching movies. Linsen Seating knows very well about the firmness for films after thousands of tests and study of human bodies combining the reflections of thousands of customers.

Movie recliners is one of a most important component of your Movie Theaters at home

Good home theater seats should be able to help you more released and satisfied, better drawing your attentions when watching a movie at your own home theater and enjoy a wonderful moments with your families. A unique movie theater seating in some degree decides the grades of a theater room. Linsen Seating supply a wide range of contemporary and modern movie theater recliners manufactured in China, from cheap theater seating for home to relatively expensive, with and without arms, movie theater loveseats, home theater seating row of 3 or 4 and 5. Various colors is available for options.

Generally, a home movie theater require 4-12 chairs. Home theater seating row of 4 and row of 3 are most popular configurations. Some need straight row theater recliner chairs and some requires curved row. It depends on your home theater dimensions. Tell us your space, then we are able to toilar the best and most suitable home theater couch for you.