Setting up a home theater is not an easy job. You may meet many problems and questions. As the professional home theater seating manufacturer, Linsen Seating has an experience of 15 years in this line and may offer you some helpful suggestions and answers to your questions. Let us find out the solutions – answers to home theater seating FAQ here below.

1. What’s the best size for home cinema seating?

Home cinema seating dimensions decide the comforts and experience feelings when you are watching a movie. The most important one is the seat cushion width. Generally, standard home cinema chairs seat cushion width is around 58-60cm. For those people who are very tall and big, you can choose to add 7cm, making it around 65cm. This will be very comfortable for big guy sitting on it.

2. What is the most commonly used layout in home theaters?

Home theater is usually a compact movie room. It is a place for family which is usually 4 – 9 people. So 4 seat theater seating, 3 seat theater seating and theater chairs row of 5 are 3 most commonly used layout.

3. What is the best seating for home theater?

The best seating for home theater is reclining home theater sofa.You can adjust to the most comfortable positions you like, either lye down or sit straigtly up. It also has many other intelligent functions like power headrest, cooling cup holder and other theater seats accessories.

4. Do reclining movie theater chairs provide a better experience than regular seats?

Yes, movie theater power recliners is softer and more comfortable. The ability to recline provides better support for the body, particularly for the back and legs, reducing strain and discomfort during extended movie sessions. So you will have a better and more immensive movie experience.

5. Where can I find a reclining chair that can fit through a narrow doorway?

Reclining theater chairs are customizable to fit different room size and dimensions. You can contact Linsen Seating, the professional home theater recliners manufactuer for customize the best and most suitable dimensions for your home theater.