Recliner Chair Tray Table

Recliner chair tray table is a kind of small table for holding something at your hand, such as your lap top, mobile phone, books, snacks or anything else that is usually together with you. It is used in the arm of a home cinema seating.

Recliner Chair Tray table types

We have 2 kinds of tray table for recliner chairs. One is 360°swivel tray table and another is 180 ° rotating hard wood tray table for cinema arm chairs.

360° swivel tray table

The 360° swivel tray table can be in many colors like dark wood color, silver color, black color, beech wood color etc. It is removable tray table. When you want to use it, you can put it into the sockets in the arm to hold your belongings. When you don’t want to use it, you can take it out, putting it in the storage or somewhere else that is easy for you.

180°rotating tray table

Another 180°rotating tray table is fixed. It is made of cold rolled steel and hard wood which is very good quality. It can be in many shapes like rectangle and oval shape.

Tray table improvements – Intelligent Recliner chair tray table

Normal use of the tray table is not enough for use now. So we also have some improved versions based on the its normal one. Our recliner chair tray table can charge the mobile devices now. Either wireless charging or with USB port, we can offer them for your choice. If your mobile devices is out of power, put it on the tables, it will be powerful just like you after taking some rest on the seating.

As one of a very important recliner chair accessories, don’t miss it. It is worthy.