Cinema Loveseats

Loveseats for cinema – theater loveseat

Loveseats for cinema a kind of cinema seating that hold 2 persons close to each other in the movie theaters by removing middle arm in the middle. It is developed based on the household loveseat originating from the 17th century. Theater loveseat is a two-seater sofa for the moviegoers.

Cinema loveseat can be with or without arms in the middle. If it is with arm, usually the arm is lifting or removable. Some peopole sometimes want a movie theater loveseat but sometimes don’t want it. So Linsen Seating offer both types and let you can have both theater seating even though buying one type of movie theater chairs.

Development of Loveseat for movie theaters

Traditional commercial cinema loveseat is ususally fixed fabric loveseat.There are no middle arms. The most features of them are the cup holder in the arm and the wall panel to provide pravites for the audience.

After some time developing, theater loveseats is more and more comfortable. People also require them at home theaters. Leather theater loveseats with lifting or removable middle arms is more and more popular. Besides, home theater loveseats also develop into recliner chairs or reclining movie theater beds for 2 people. It is automative now.

Why theater loveseat?

more comforts

The reason people need loveseats is that it can provide more space for the people who sits on them, especially for the women who wear skirts. It is very comfortable for them. When women watches movies together with their besties, they are comfortable to sit together no matter they in skirts or not. While when the lovers sit on loveseats to enjoy a film, it is more cozy and sweet.

Save more space

If you don’t have enough space for a standard row of 3 theater chairs or a row of 4 cinema chairs with all middle arms in between, than you can choose a row with theater loveseats. A row with one set of loveseats usually save about 13 – 30cm. This is a very good solution when you need enough number of chairs but without suffcient space.

theater seating layout with loveseats
theater seating layout with loveseats
4 seater theater chairs with loveseats
4 seater theater chairs with loveseats

Home theater loveseats – Gorgeous Colors

Home cinema seating loveseat has different colors for options. White, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and all kinds of colors are available. The colorful visual effect bring people beautiful enjoyment and meet diverse home decorations. Home theater loveseats is kind of home theater seating. So it may be with all the functions that home theater chairs have. For example theater loveseat recliners with cooling functions, with tray table or with tablet holders etc.

Leather Reclining Loveseat for home cinema room

Reclining loveseat for home cinema room is developed based on the single home cinema chairs. So it have all the features that home theater recliner chair has. It offers more comforts and more enjoyments for your movie experience. Feature options.

  1. Power recline
  2. Cooling cup holder, stainless steel cup holder or aluminum cup holder
  3. Motorized headrest for some designs
  4. Tray table
  5. Tablet holder
  6. Wine glass holder
  7. Heating function
  8. LED lighting

The most popular and best sale movie theater loveseats is Motorized Reclining loveseat sofa. It is a kind of home theater sofa seating with lifting middle arms. So when you are using it, you can take it as a normal standard home theater recliner but also a hidden theater loveseats. It is also fit in the commercial screen rooms.

Considering the hygiene of the home theater furniture, we think leather theater loveseats will be more suitable for your home cinema or living room space. Because it maybe spoiled and contaminated by your children with beverages or snacks. Leather loveseats is easier to clean than fabric movie theater loveseat. It is also water proof so it will be more durable. Which design loveseats would you