Power Recliners

Power recliners is with powerful functions to make your home and theater smarter and more intelligent. You can control the power theater recliner with just the button at your fingerprints and have many other things by hand. Theater seating recliners makes our life very convenient and easy.

Power recliner chairs is prevalent today. It is widely used at the residential house such as in the living room or the home theater, as well as the commercial movie theaters. The style of theater sofa recliner and function is also very versatile. So the quality and price also viries.

How to buy good quality electric theater sofa recliner at a reasonable recliner chair price is a problem now. You need to see the meterials, functions and upholstery.

As one of the best home theater seating manufacturers, Linsen Seating is committed to being a reliable, trustworthy and capable manufacturer in order to be a long-term partner and reputable brand. We use selected materials and strictly supervise them in the power theater recliner production process. After production is finished, we also have a strict quality inspection process. Despite the good quality, we have competitive price and we guarantee good and fast delivery for customers who buy our theater recliner chairs. Talk to us if you are planning to buy home theater seating.

Is it single motor or dual motor power recliner chairs?

In the previous times, many people used dual motors for the power recliner chairs. One for the seat cushion and footrest of theater recliner chairs, another for the backrest. With the technology development, signle motor has been used prevalently in the electric theater recliners and the dual motor for seat had almost been replaced by the single motor technology. This not only reduce the cost of home theater recliners but also improve the reclining functions.

Now dual motor for power recliner sofa is only used when customers request. While another kind of dual motor prevails now – one motor for seat and another for the headrest – the power recliner with adjustable headrest and lumbar. This means more functions and improvements in the theater recliner chair functions. Motor in the headrest makes the chair more comfortable and smarter. So you can not only adjustable your body position but also your head position. It is really an amazing improvements. With power reclining sofa with adjustable headrest at home, you will have more fun and joy.

Do power recliners last long?

Theater power recliner is electric recliner with motor inside of the recliner chair metal frame which should be based on a good quality hard wood frame. It’s been a mature technology now. So it usually last as long as 8-10 years. While it also depends on how you use it and how often you use it. Generally, power reclining theater sofa has 3-5 years warranty. The most widely acknowledged motor is the OKIN motor. While now more and more motor suppliers are developing and some other motors are also very good. Linsen Seating offer 5 years warranty for our electric theater recliners. If any problem because of quality after confirmation, we will offer free chair parts to replace the old one. We use Okin motors for most of the electric theater recliners.

Does electric recliner need to be plugged in?

Generally, our electric recliner need to be plugged in. While we can also make it wireless which is with a battery. The battery can support about 500 times opening and closing. When it is out of power, it needs to charge. While mostly we make our power recliners because plugged in electric recliners are more durable compared to the battery. As we all know battery has a limited life span compared to a direct plug in products.

Do power recliners use a lot of electricity?

It depends on how you use power reclining sofa. If you use it properly, it won’t consume so much electricity. When you go away, you can turn off all the light on the chairs, such as the cooling cup holder light, footrest LEG light etc. The best way is to take out the plug to save the energy. While even you forget to turn off all the lights, it won’t waste you much electricity. Afterall, you won’t forget every time. So electicity cost won’t be a problem.

Are power recliners worth it?

Theater power recliners control the movements of the chair without any efforts. All you need to do is just put the plug in and the buttons, the theater recliner chair will move or stop at any posititon you like. So that you can fully relax yourself in the power theater recliners.

Compared to manual recliner chairs, it is more convenient and effortlessly. Manual recliner only has one movement to open it. And you need to kick it back hard. With the development of the technologies, electric recliner sofa is more durable now. And the cost is not much difference. So it absolutely worthes it.

How much room do you need for a home theater power recliner?

Does theater power recliner occupy a lot of space? Do you need much room for them? Before you buy home theater power recliner, the is the first thing you need to consider. You can first look around at home and see which place you can use for home theater chairs. Then you can buy the home theater sofa according to your space so that you won’t buy too many and too big home theater couch that does not fit your space.

Generally, a power theater recliner has a width of 840mm. And when it stretches out, you will need a length of 1550-1750mm for it. When you don’t have enough space, we would suggest you different kinds of configurations to let your home theater fit more people based on keeping the same comforts. For example, you can have a loveseat in the middle or on either side so that you can save an arm space. If you are gloomy about shortage of space, tell us, we may find a good solution for you.

It is not that difficult to buy home theater chairs for your home cinema. But all you need to do is to think about some questions before you launch it. And then compare the material of the products, then you will buy the best home theater seating with the most reasonable price. Be patient to find one that balances price and decent overall construction.

Linsen Seating can provide you many home theater seating dimensions with different specifications. We can also customize the best dimensions for your home theater space. Welcome to talk to us for more details.

How to buy power theater recliners from us?

With increasing requests for customization of power theater recliner to design a stylish movie theater according to different tastes, we accept all customers getting chairs from us directly. In this case, you can directly talk to us about your ideas of designing a personal electric theater recliners. Our designer and technicists can get back to you very fast.

All you need to do is as below

  1. Get in contact with us by info@lstheaterseating.com
  2. Have a disccusion with us
  3. Confirming your requests with proforma invoice
  4. Make payment for your recliner chairs
  5. Wait for some time for preparation of your theatre recliners
  6. You will receive photos of the ready movie theater recliners
  7. Confirm if you are satisfied, if no, we will make our electric theatre chairs until you are satisfied.
  8. If you are satisfied, we will arrange delivery.
  9. You will need to wait for some time for delivery.
  10. Then you will get it in your place or the nearest port by you.

Our power theater recliner sofa are usually delivered by sea freight because of its big cube. We can deal in FOB terms, CIF term or EXW factory price if you have your own logistics.