Home Cinema Seating

Home cinema seating like leather home theater seating, helps you improve your life quality with its diverse functionality and makes your home more colorful with its good designs and colors. Linsen Seating Furniture offers modern comfortable movie chairs for home. We have lots of nice home theater recliners designs. Or you can design by yourself and have customized home cinema chairs by telling us your requests such as color, pattern, functions and upholstery.

What are home cinema chairs?

Home cinema chairs is ususally a kind of electric recliner sofa seating. Several single home theater sofa stand in one line with shared arms in between. They sometimes come with a row of 2, 3,4 5, or more. Some are curved home theater seating, some comes in straight row. Most of home theater chairs are made of genuine leather, good micro fiber leather or fabric as the finishing.

And most of them are with basic function – reclining. Reclining is the most basic function for the home movie chairs. It can be with many other functuons. Many of Linsen Seating movie theater seats for sale are electric recliner chairs. Home cinema room usually requires recliner functions which lets you lie down and relax after a long time sitting when you are watching movies. Sitting all the time to see films makes you feel tired. While lying down with good supports take you easy so that you can totally enjoy the moving time.

Why do you need to buy home cinema seats?

It is a new lifestyle to have a big screen room at home, enjoying a wonderful movie together with your lovers, families or friends at night, on weekends or other holidays. Home cinema room is a trend now, especially for the younger and those who have a big house in the suburb. What a enjoyable holiday to go out with some people you like in a big house which is far away from the downtown. But you can still see films in a secret place with the atmosphere of the public cinema. Many people leave an entire room used as a home cinema with all decorations like commercial cinemas. This way, they can watch movies at home.

Especially now during the Covid-19 time, it is a big risk to go into a crowd and closed space like commercial movie theaters. People is easy to get affected if meeting someone who is with Covid viruses. So if you have a cinema at home, you will be safer and more enjoyable. Home cinema requires many home theater furniture to make it a better space for movies. This includes speakers, accoustic, screens and home cinema chairs.

As one of the most important part of home cinema room, cinema seats for home decides if it is a successful home theater or not. If you have good and nice cinema recliner, your home cinema space will give you more atmosphere. Choose home cinema couches instead of traditional movie theater chairs to display in the room and make your space unique.

What is the home cinema seating price?

Linsen Seating home cinema chair price is from $289 – $799 per seat for different designs and quantities. The functions you require is also an important factor for the home theater seating price. You can choose different designs by reducing or adding the functions to meet your budget. If you are not sure about it, talk to us, let us tailor the most suitable and best home cinema chairs for you.

What is the best movie chairs for home?

Different people has different tastes and each home has its own style and dimensions. The most suitable chairs is the best movie chairs for home. So before you choose home theater chairs for your movie theater, firstly choose the design and style, then check the dimension and configurations, and lastly finalize on the functions you want.

1. home theater seating design you like and meet your decoration

The design decides on your home theater style in a some degree. Good home theater seating design can make your home cinema room totally different. Some good home theater seating ideas hit your eyes at the first sight. Such as our design Power Leather Movie Theater Recliners For Home LS-9010 & Recliner home theater seating LS-882.

2. the home theater seating dimensions & configuration that fit your home cinema room

Each design has its own dimensions. Some are similar. But after you choose the design, don’t forget to check the dimensions to see if it fit your theater seating configurations. Make sure your cinema recliner seats fit in your home cinema space. If you like one chair but the dimension can not meet your requests, you can try to ask the home cinema chairs manufacturer if they can tailor the dimensions for you. So that you won’t miss your favorites.

3. With the Functions you need

As we mentioned above, home theater seating is one of the most smart home furntiure. It is with a lot of fatastic features with latest technologies to make your life more convenient. You can select the functions according to your budget. Of course, the more functions, the cooler home theater couches will be. The basic functions I would like suggest is the electric theater recliners with USB ports. Then you can add the other accessories as you want.

The most popular home cinema chairs features in the year of 2021

Cooling & Heating Home Theater Sofa Seating

Compared to other home furniture, theater seating sofa is one of the most smart home furniture. Many latest new technologies are inseted inside of the home theater seats. Heating and cooling are 2 of the most popular functions. Your Home Theater Recliner Sofa can fast chill the beverage in a hot day, or keep the drinks cool during the movie times. For the cold days, you can also use the heating function to heat up your drinks. Besides, the movie theatre seating can warm up the whole person in the cold times. If you want to a luxury home theater seating,never miss cooling cup holder with touch buttons on it. What is more, The movie theater seating is also with heating pad inside the seat cushion and backrest to warm you up in the cold winter.

Massage & Lumbar Support Movie Theater Recliner Chair

Another latest new functions of cinema chairs for home are Massage and lumbar support, especially the massage functions. Massage is very prevalent and widely used in movie theater chairs. It can relax your muscles after a long day working. Lumbar support is another way to help you relief tirdness. Your lumbar spine feels very comfortable with the support. Any design in Linsen Seating can be customized with massage and lumbar support.

Power Reclining Sofa With Power Headrest

Power headrest help you adjust your head to the most comfortable position that fit the people who sits on the power reclining sofa for movie theaters. Therer is no need for you to worry if the home theater sofa fit your height or not, no matter what is your height, the theater recliner can help you meet your most cozy position with 2 motors.

USB Port & LED Lighting

USB charing sockets is not something new us. But it’s been a must with reclining home theater seating. Plus LED lighting, these 2 features have been the basis of home theater sofa seating. You can have your mobile devices charged while you are sitting on the chairs, enjoying a wonderful movies. LED lights light up your living room or home cinema while it is lights off, bright but special.

Theater Seating With Tray Table, Wine Glass Holder or Tablet Holder

Another awesome function of our home theater seat is the sockets setting on the arm. It can be for tray table, wine cup holder, tablet holder. “One socket, a lot of holders available”. With only one dock, you can enjoy 3 kinds of holders for your wine, bear, snacks, phone or tablet. Want some deserts? Insert the tray table! Want a glass of red wine? Insert the wine glass holder. Want to watching TV or other series on the phone, then insert the tablet holder! When you don’t need these accessories, put them inside of the buit-in storage or any place convenient with you.

With so many convenient amazing settings, you and your friends will have a good movie experience in your home theater room. As a professional home cinema seating manufacturer for many years, Linsen Seating Furniture has helped and provided many customers with comfortable cinema chairs for home. We have many product range and diversity style for choice.

Welcome to send us email or drop us a line for more designs and to find the most suitable and best home theater seating for your desired home cinema room.