Recliner Chair Parts

Home theater recliners is one of the elemental factor of an amazing and fantastic home theater environment. The original and basic function of a home cinema seating is reclining and its comforts. While now it is not enough to make an impressive and high end home theater with these basic functions. Many other recliner chair parts is a must.

As the professional home theater recliner chair manufacturer, we are able to offer a large variant of home theater seating accessories to make our home theater sofa seating more brilliant and catchy to the eyes.

Recliner chair accessories is not only attractive but also practical. They makes people’s life more convenient, easy and nice. They can totally release us when we are exhausted and give us joys when we need. The feeling is totally different when our home cinema chairs are with those scrumptious functions.

Our main theater chair accessories include different kinds of recliner chair tray table, cooling cup holder, wine glass holder, Pad holder, Phone holder, and LED reading light.

These chair parts is very easy to be installed and use. You can control them just by touching or take it easily. If you want to have a distinctive home theater recliner chair, try out those recliner chair accessories.

Of course, some other improvements on home theater seating by recliner chair parts also includes the motorized headrest, lumbar support, vibration functions and heating functions. You can get many of these functions with only one of the home theater seating accessories.

People is asking more and more for intelligent home theater seating now. To make your home theater seating lead in your area, unusual and luxury, come and try out those accessories.