Lecture Seating

Description of Lecture hall seating

Lecture hall seating LS-534 can be used in school lecture halls, some training centers, organization lecture halls etc. The seat is not only a chair, but also a desk (with small tables in the armrests) for writing and laptops. There is no need for you to buy a separate desk. The high density foam and soft fabric offer you ultra comforts.With strong cold rolled steel frame supporting, it has a very long life span about 20 years.

lecture seating
lecture seating
lecture hall seating
lecture hall seating
auditorium hall chair
auditorium hall chair

Lecture hall seating dimensions

centre to centre distance: 580mm

Overall height: 1000mm

Armrests width: 80mm

Seat height:440mm

lecture hall seating dimension
lecture hall seating dimension

Feature of lecture chairs

strong cold rolled steel frame

high density foam, injection molded

fabric upholstery

wooden armrests

with writing table in the arm

wood writing table

fixed seating

Several factors that affect lecture hall seating prices

Many people will firstly think about what the price is for the seating when are are planing to purchase the seating for their lecture halls. While it is always very hard to get price or even if you get the price, it won’t be an exact budget. Because the lecture hall seating prices are decided by many other factors. So you need to know the following things below.

Firstly, you need to choose the lecture hall seating design. Get the catalog and choose the design that you like and suitable for your hall. When choosing the design, think about the decoration and use of the room.

Secondly, making the seating layout or seating plan for the room. This is very important. Because it is row chairs and they have shared armrests in the middle. So price for individual seats, row of 2 seats, row of 3 seats, row of 4 seats and 5 seats are totally different. Price above 5 seats a row is the same and the cheapest. So when you make the layout, you’d better make the chairs more than 5 seats a row.

Thirdly, think about what extra function you need for the chair.

Do you need the writing table? Do you need rocking function?

Do you need cup holder?

Do you need book net?

Do you want movable leg or fixed leg?

All these factors will be an important measure for the chair price.