Rochester Auditorium Theater Seating

Description of Auditorium Chair

Rochester auditorium theater seating LS-544 is a simple but practical chair for big or small theatres.

  1. The outer shell is injected moulded PP.
  2. The foam is cold-moulded foam, non-deformation.
  3. The wood can be solid wood or soft and durable PU material.
  4. It is cold rolled steel frame supported.
  5. Warranty: 5 years


Center distance 580mm 22.8”
Overall height 980mm 38.5”
Overall depth with table open 890mm 35”
Overall depth with table closed 750mm 30.9”
Seat cushion height 440mm 17.3”
Armrests height 615mm 24.2”
Minimum row space 950mm 37.4”

More Images for Rochester Auditorium Theatres

rochester auditorium seating
rochester auditorium seating

auditorium chair 3 seater
auditorium chair 3 seater

Rochester auditorium chairs
Rochester auditorium chairs

red auditorium chairs
red auditorium chairs

The seating amount for an rochester auditorium theatre.

How many seats are there for an rochester auditorium theatre? It depends on.

It depends on the hall size and the auditorium seating chart will be made after knowing the room dimension. Usually there are a few hundreds of seating at least, some are even a few thousands such as Rothschild with 3000 seats, and the the Auditorium Theatre on East Main Street is about 2500 seats. These large theaters may draw more shows as well as more customers to see the performance.