Auditorium Seating For Sale

auditorium seating for sale
auditorium seating for sale

Item No.: Auditorium seating for sale LS-532

In large auditoriums or conference rooms which contain many audience, the seating is one of the most important elements. The style and comforts of the chairs is a most  significant factor. some people may use simple small plastic chairs with plastic tables. While most people use auditorium seating with thick high density foam chairs with fabric or leather upholstery. Because auditorium chairs is not only comfortable but also more durable.


With writing table in the armrests

Wood base for seat cushion and backrest

Seat core is high density cold injected mold foam

Fabric upholstery

Cold rolled steel frame,strong and stable

Fixed leg by mounting on the floor with screws

Seating dimension and layout

Center distance is 580mm

Armrest width is 80mm

Depth when folding is 760mm

How should I make the auditorium layout plan?

There are two ways. One is you tell us your room dimension and how much room the seating will take. Then we can make the layout for you. Another way is to make by yourself. You need to know several things below

You need to know the chair centre distance is 580 mm and armrest width is 80 mm. And depth when folding is 760 mm

Individual seat width is 580+80+80 mm=740 mm

2 seats in a row is 580*2+80=1240 mm

3 seats in a row is 580*3+80= 1820 mm

4 seats in a row is 580*4+80=2400 mm

5 seats in a row is 580*5+80=2980 mm

In this way, you will calculate how many room it will take for a row of chairs.

Then you need to know the distance between 2 rows, and you will work out how many rows you need.