Leather Power Reclining Loveseat With Console

General Info. of the Loveseat

Type Leather Power Reclining Loveseat With Console
General use Cinema, theater, entertainment center
Style Modern
Model No. LS-854
Function Power recline
Color Brown

What is the warranty?

We offer 5 years warranty for the whole and 8 years warranty for the metal frame.

What is the MOQ?

The order should start with 2 seats at least.

What is the delivery?

It depends on the quantity. Usually it is 20-25 days.

What is the trade term?

We can do with EXW/ FOB/ CIF/ CNF terms.

What is the dimension?

  • Seat cushion—We have 3 options for the seat cushion width, one is 500mm second is 550mm and another is 580mm.
  • The arms–We also offer 2 options for the arms. We can make it 130mm or 100mm per arm.
  • The depth when the chair fully stretch out is 1550mm, when the chair don’t stretch is 850mm
  • The full height is 1030mm

How many degrees can I lie down?

The chair can recline all the time until it is fully lie down like a bed. We can also say it is a loveseats sleeper.

recliner loveseat
recliner loveseat

Loveseats when fully stretched out. It is like a bed for 2. Customers can fully lie down on the seat with a secret space.

reclining loveseat
reclining loveseat

Loveseat couch when backrest come up. It is a double recliners with wall hug.

The demands for loveseats for cinemas is rapidly increasing. The loveseats with fixed backrest can not meet the need of the market now. The reclining loveseat with center console is a revolution. It can not only provide the secret space for the lovers, but also ultra comforts for them.

The leather upholstery is smooth then touching them. You can choose to make it with real leather or micro fiber leather. Color is optional.

The armrests is featured with wood material after good painting finishing. Most chairs are just only leather or the other cover same as the whole theater seating.

Everything on this chair is only controlled by a simple cup holder. It is just right at your fingerprint, very convenient. You can control the position with it. Besides, your beverage can become cool or hot to meet your requests. Also it is with USB port for charging your mobile devices.

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loveseat recliner
loveseat recliner