Loveseat Theater Seating

Loveseat Theater Seating LS-858 is a design with fixed backrest. It featured with the elegant color matching, simble and clean.

Loveseat Specifications

  1. Cold rolled steel frame
  2. Plastic cup holders
  3. Micro fiber leather finishing
  4. High density foam
  5. Fixed seating on the backrest
  6. 5 years warranty
  7. MOQ starts from 3 sets.
  8. Without middle arms
  9. Wood frame inside is full dried solid hardwood frame,undergone, anti-worm and polish treatment, humidity control between 12-15%(international ocean transport standard)
  10. Delivery is 20-25 days

Loveseats Options

  1. This design home theater loveseat is also available to make it with recline either in power recliner or manual recline.
  2. The cup holder can change into functional chilling cup which is not only with chilling, heating or massage functions but also with USB port for charging the mobile devices.
  3. The finishing is available for 3 matches. One is make it full real leather. Second is to make it full bonded leather and thrid is to make it  half genuine leather match with PVC .
  4. Tray table is available if necessary.
  5. Embroidery on requests.

More Theater Loveseats Pictures

This is a hot sale for some commercial cinemas. They usually buy this design a row for one in the back or in the front of the cinemas or theaters.

loveseat theater seating
loveseat theater seating
loveseat theater seating image
loveseat theater seating image

Mostly the movie-goers are the lovers of the each other. There is nothing better activity to go with the lover to see a movie. So it is a good idea to prepare the loveseats furniture for those who need.

LS-858 is a perfect loveseat because its modern appearance which can go with any other theater chairs design. It is very simple but not dull because of the nice stitching decoration and perfect color matching.

Our Theater seats quality

Our wood frames are constructed with hand selected woods, and meticulously assembled by our craftsmen and reinforced with corner blocking to ensure strong and durable seating. The warranty is as long as 10 years. Our metal frame is cold rolled steel with a warranty of 10 year also.

All our recliner mechanisms are top quality and used in our motion and home theater products as well as motors.

The whole chair has a warranty of 5 years at least on condition without damages by human beings.

We are a professional loveseat manufacturer for more than 10 years. Our loveseat price is reasonable based on good quality. Welcome to talk us for more information.