Commercial Movie Theater Seats

LS-6062 is one of the kind of commercial movie theater seats with lifting and intergrated cup holder armrests. With this design, you can create any shape of seating plan you want based on the room shape. Not all the cinemas are squre, some maybe semi half or like a fan, or like a trapezoid. Many people are afraid of be not available to container the row chairs. While the fact is no worreis, we can help you to work out that.

commercial movie theater seat
commercial movie theater seat
Upholstery fabric
Color red
Seat base Plastic covers
Armrests Good quality plastic
Cup holder black integrated cup holder
Frame Cold rolled steel frame
Foam High density cold moulded foam
Style Modern
MOQ 30 seats
Warranty 5 years
Lead time 15 working days
Trade term EXW/ FOB/ CIF/ CNF

Seating dimension

CC: 560mm

Overall height: 1005mm

Armrests width: 80mm

Seat height: 440mm

Seat width: 500mm

Seat arrangement in cinema theatres

Here are 2 samples for semi half seating plan for the screen room.

seat arrangements
seat arrangements

For a large amount of people, movie is means a lot and is a very important part of their lives. Because according to films, they can experience different kind of lives and things they can not go through in the reality without taking too much time. Usually only 2 hours or at most 2 and a half hours at most, it is really cool and fruitful to live a life in such a short time. For those people, they would come to the cinemas a lot, while they may be troubled with exhausts sitting there. So that they can not enjoy the best.

Thus as the owner of the cinemas, don’t hesitate to equip your screen room with good looking and comfortable movie room seating.