Media Chairs For Sale

3 Reasons To Choose Media Chairs For Sale LS-608C As Your Media Room Chairs

Before you buy chairs for media room, you must have comprehensive consideration. Never only buy it out of your personal likes. You should think objectively from different aspects. Here are some principles that you should abide by. These principles are also what Media chairs for sale LS-608C have. So that is why you can choose it.

  1. General appearance. Media chairs occupy most of the media room space. The general appearance of media chairs decides the image at first sight. So the overall look of the media seating should be good. LS-608C is a good design and nice colors.
  2. Chair dimension. It is usually 2 hours or so to watch a movie. The comfort is very important. Cinema chair dimension decides the comforts in a certain. So the dimension should go with the human body. Don’t make it too small for the sake of contain more chairs. While no need to make it too big because space is limited. Media room chairs LS-608C dimension is very perfect for the human engineering. The specification is as below.
    Overall height 40.9” 1040mm
    Depth when closed 20” 500mm
    Depth when open 29.9” 760mm
    Width of single-seat 26” 660mm
    Seat cushion height 17.35” 440mm
    Armrest height 24.8” 630mm
    Armrest width 3.15” 80mm
  3. Proper working of the media chairs. Although media chairs are simple without too many functions. Generally, you need to pay attention to 2 points. One is the folding seat cushion. And another is the chair leg. Generally, there are 3 kinds of mechanisms for folding seat cushion, spring returning mechanism, gravity returning mechanism and damping returning mechanism. Gravity is the quietest and most durable. LS-608C is with gravity returning mechanism. For the leg, most people prefer fixed leg, there is no need to worry about stability. If you choose the movable leg, you must see if your theater is with slope or not. If it is with slope, never choose a movable leg. The theater chair we are introducing here can be with movable leg or fixed leg. Mostly, it is made into fixed leg.
    media chairs for sale
    media chairs for sale

    Other Information You Want To Know When You Want To Buy Media Chairs

    Warranty: 6 years
    Delivery: 2-3 weeks
    Shipping and its cost: You can arrange the shipping with your own broker. We can also arrange the shipment for you after checking with the shipping agent.
    After-sale service: We promise to replace the chairs if any problem out of quality after confirmation. Or new parts will be sent to replace the bad ones.
    Payment: We accept T/T & L/C ( only based on more than 80 thousand US dollars), 30% deposti and 70% balance paid before loading.
    Other services: We can help you make CAD layout without charge.
    Fire retardant: We accept fire retardant for foam and upholstery on requests. There are 3 standards, British standard, American standard and Chinese standard.
    Embroidery: Embroidery accepted on requests. The extra cost will be added according to the icon.

    Colors Available

    Any color is available. You can choose from the color chart below or you can send your color and upholstery to us to make the media room chairs.

    media chairs fabric
    media chairs fabric


    As the professional theater chairs for more than 14 years, we not only manufacture commercial theater seating but also home cinema chairs. Our product includes standard media chairs and media recliner chairs for home and public theaters. Here below are some designs that you may like.