Movie Room Couch Bed

Movie room couch bed LS-855 is a kind of movie sleeper which lets you see movies just like at home but also enjoy the entertainment astmosphere. It is a theater bed with fixed position and usually used in the front row or some themed theaters or home theaters.

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Movie Room Couch Bed
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Movie Bed Feature & Brief Introduction

1. It is a bed for movie theaters
2. The upholstery is leather
3. The frame is strong cold rolled steel frame
4. The foam is high density foam
5. Warranty is 12 years
6. Production time is 15-20 days
7. MOQ is 2 sets

Benifits Of Cinema With Movie Room Couch Bed

  1. More Inviting: Having a comfortable couch and bed in a movie room ensures that you and your guests can better relax and enjoy the movie more. It is much more inviting than a standard seating.
  2. Entertainment Experience: LS-855 is a well-designed movie room couch bed which enhances the overall entertainment experience.
  3. Combination: LS-855 usually comes in a double movie beds which is very suitable for movie-goers.
  4. Reduced Disturbance: As movie beds LS-855 come in twin by twin, it reduces a lot disturbance from your nearby movie-goers, providing more private space.

Movie is always a popular choice for weekends or holiday activity. While for most people, weekends or holiday should be also a good time for relaxing after their exhausted hard working. So many people may also on one hand want to see movies for entertainment on the other hand they also want to take a good rest. Based on these hard choices, the movie theater can also upgrade to help the customers release this wish. Movie room couch bed is a good way to improve the cinema experiences. It is a kind of theater furniture that let you rest as much as possible and also enjoy the movies the most.

For this kind of movie beds, it requires the theater space with risers or we say steps so that people in the back has a good view of the film also. Because it is not like recliners which can recline in any position until a good vision. It is fixed and with pillars for supporting your head.

Why Choose Us?

1. PROFESSIONAL: Linsen Seating Furniture is a professional theater seating solutions with R&D, design, manufacturing and sales integrated.

2. HIGH QUALITY: Through ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS certification. There is a good quality management system to ensure he quality of our products.

3. WELL-DESIGNED: Linsen Seating Furniture has a strong design, research and development team to meet the customers’ needs. OEM & ODM is welcomed.

4. ONE-STEP SERVICE: We have a professional team here for 24 hours for your services, including before sale layout design and other needs, following production and after-sale services.

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