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Home theater seats for sale LS-804R is such a luxury home cinema chair with premium top grain cow leather upholstery. It helps you better enjoy the films by its good design and functions.

home theater seats for sale

brief Introduction

Color: Red
Upholstery: Top graind cow Leather
Weight: 56 KGS
Recline: Electric recline
USB Port: Yes
Tray Table: Available
Cooling Cup Holder: Available
Massage Function: Available
Motorized Headrest: Yes

Red home theater seats for sale with adjustable headrest

Red leather all over the chair upholstery with contrast shinning stainless steel cup holders makes the home theater recliner brilliant.

The big power headrest offers more supports for your neck. People may want to see a movie lying down, while most of the chairs can not offer a very good vision. Power headrest recliner LS-804R makes it possible with adjustable headrest. You can set your head at any position with the buttons at your fingerprints.

Plus the soft backrest and medium firm seat cushion, you will enjoy a more wonderful relaxing time, totally sink into plots and feel the characters’ feel, just like in another life tour when you watch movies.

home theater seats with adjustable headrest
home theater seats with adjustable headrest

Other features of red home theater seats LS-804R

  1. The backrest is filled with superior environmental cotton inside which offers very good lumbar support.
  2. It is an electric reclining home theater seating with a good quality motor which is without any noise when it is working.
  3. There is silver dock in the arm for different kinds accessories like removable tray table, Phone holder, and wine glass holder.
  4. The switch of red theater seating LS-804R is with blue ambient light and home button.
  5. It has a warranty of 10 years
  6. There are more than 35 colors for options

How Much Room Do You Need For Home Theater Seating LS-804R?

The room it occupies can be customized according to your space. The standard dimension is as below.
seat width: 580mm
seat height:1350mm
seat depth with stretch: 1850mm
arm width: 130mm
space between 2 rows:1050mm
distance between last row and wall: 100-150mm

Here is a sample drawing of a home theater. If need custom home theater seating, contact us for more information.

home theater chairs layout
home theater chairs layout

The dimension should be reasonable according to the human being’s height. It may be different but never make it go too far. Otherwise, it will affect its comforts.

Linsen Seating makes smart home theater seating that is not only good for taking a good rest, but also a lifestyle that helps people enjoy their life better.

Why do you need to choose Home Movie Theater Seats For Sale LS-804R?

As we can see from the pictures, home movie thaeter seats LS-804R is simple but exquisite from the appearance. While the most advantage of it is that it helps you solve the problem of staring at the ceil when lying down. People can not watch movies or TV when lying down for taking a rest. Most chairs just offer a view of ceil when people lye down on the seat. While this design offers you movies or TV at any position you like.

Compared to normal sofa, home movie theater chair LS-804R is more practical and comfortable. It gives you better atmosphere for movie films at your home cinema.

But as you know, luxury home theater seating are very expensive in home theater seating store. While if you come to find us, you can not only customize your own home cinema chairs but also get a very reasonable price. Because we are a professional home theater seating manufacturer.

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