leather home theater recliner

The Corona Viruses has been sweeping the globe in this year. People have to stay at home to reduce the infection risks. For those who used to have fun outside, and those who was busy with work before, staying at home is a big challenge. But people is also trying to brain storm to work out very good activities to make the life more colorful. One of the most popular thing is to improve the home furniture and equipment to enjoy the movies at home just like the way in the commercial movie theaters. The home theater furniture is a pop around the world. Among them, leather home theater recliner is one of the most important elements. If you want to have a very good movie watching experience, good home cinema seating is a must.

Black Cow Leather Home Theater Recliner LS-876B

Black top grain cow leather home theater recliner LS-876B is a transformation of home theater recliner LS-876. The differences between the 2 chairs is mainly the backrest and seat cushion pattern. In the middle of the backrest and seat cushion, there are diamond stitching.

leather home theater recliner
DimensionSide arm: 250 mm
Middle arm:300 mm
Overall height: 1020 mm
Depth: 950 mm
Seat cushion width: 580 mm
CombinationOptional by straight row or curved row
FrameSolid wood + Cold rolled steel frame
FoamHigh density foam
SwitchesStandard is black plastic switches. Optional by metal switches or touch buttons on chiller cup holder
FunctionsRecliners, with cooling + massage + light
Cup holderStandard is black plastic cup holder, here in the picture, it is with chiller cup holder
With storageYes. Big storage with light inside when open the storage.
FeatureWith metal bar on the side arm.
Specifications & Features

How many colors do you have for this home cinema chairs?

The most often color for this home cinema chair design is yellow and black. These 2 colors make the chair looks great and it is a versatile solutions for many home cinema decorations. While if you have any other better ideas, you can also choose the colors you like. Here are our color swatches for your option.

top grain cow leather swatch
top grain cow leather swatch

How many chairs can my home cinema room fit?

Generally, the front row home theater recliners to the TV distance is the half of the whole room width. The space between 2 rows is 2 meters. We would like to suggest you make a stage for the back row if you have more than 2 rows so that you will have a better view when watching the movies. Also the steps will be suggested to get through to the back rows. Try to make sure the seating in the middle for better eyesight. For example this one below.

Home Theater Chair Layout

More Function Request On this Electric home Cinema Chair

  1. Does this chair is power recliner? — Yes. It is power recliner.
  2. Is it with power lumbar support? — It is available to be with lumbar support.
  3. Is it with foot rest light? — It is available to be with foot rest light and controlled by the button on the chiller cup holer.
  4. Is this leather movie theater recliner with USB charge station? –Yes. No matter which standard, it is with USB out let.
  5. Is the chair electricity 220v? —Generally, it is 220V. But we can customize according to your standard.

More Home Theater Chairs Images

leather home theater recliner with loveseats
leather home theater recliner with loveseats
leather home theater recliner storage
leather home theater recliner storage
leather home theater recliner 5 seater
leather home theater recliner 5 seater
home cinema chair pattern
home cinema chair pattern

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