Brown Leather Movie Theater Sofa LS-856BW

Movie theater sofa LS-856BW is an electric home theater sofa in brown leather. It has a big console unit in the middle. There is a hidden storage in the console unit arm. Classical diamond stitching is its feature.

brown leather movie theater sofa

Brief Introduction

Top grain cow leather finishing
Brown/ chocolate color
Fully electric recliner
With cup holder
With storage
With USB port
With ambiemt light in the button
Contemprory style
10 years warranty

Movie theater sofa images in different angles

As a professional movie theater chairs manufacturer for more than 15 years, Linsen Seating is able to make the most classical designs. And we can customize a featured home theater seating designs that you want. Let us take a look at different angles of this chair and see if it is the chair you are looking for.

movie theater sofa
movie theater sofa
brown leather movie theater sofa
brown theater couches
brown theater couches
console unit
console unit
big hidden storage
black cup in the arm
movie recliner hand controller
nice diamond stitching

Applications of movie recliner seats LS-856BW

Movie recliner seats LS-856BW is a good home cinema seating. It is a good entertainment seating for sports. With surging of Covid viruses, many people were restricted to go out for some time. Big activities with a crowd is few now. People are getting used to life at home and enjoying family time with movies and sports. With big screens and comfortable movie recliner seats at home is becoming a life style now. LS-856BW is a home theater seating with comforts and attractive appearance. It is also very suitable to be displayed in the living room as a tv recliners.

Dimensions of Movie recliner chairs LS-856BW

When you are choosing a movie recliner for your screen room, the first thing you need to consider is chair dimensions. The dimensions of movie recliner chair LS-856BW is very comfortable and suitable for human beings. Here is the details.

  • Seat cushion width:58cm
  • Arm width on 2 ends: 16cm (can be adjusted according to needs)
  • Middle console unit: 30cm (can be adjusted according to needs)
  • Depth when closed: 95cm
  • Full height: 105cm
  • Depth when opening: 170cm
movie theater sofa dimensions

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