Electric Reclining Chair

electric reclining chair

Brief Introduction

Color: Black, other color is optional
Upholstery: Genuine leather
Weight: 54KGS
Recline: Electric recline
USB Port: Yes
Tray Table: Optional
Cooling Cup Holder: Optional
Massage Function: Optional
Motorized headrest: Optional

Electric reclining chair for movie theaters

Electric reclining chair LS-804 is a popular reclining stadium seats for its comforts and simple but good looking. The upholster is leather which is easier for cleaning compared to fabric finishing. Its standard equipment is with black plastic cup holders in the arms and buttons is just near by which is with blue ambient light.

electric recliner chair
electric recliner chair

Those who sit on the theater sofa recliner can not only watch movies, taking good rest but also charging their mobil devices after wandering outside. Here is a clear listing about home theater recliners LS-804.

electric reclining theater chairs
electric reclining theater chairs
Genuine leather
Black or other color available
Seat cushion
High density foam + hard wood frame + Leather
Wood frame with foam and leather
Cup holder
Black plastic cup holder or stainless steel or cooling cup holder
Hard wood + Cold rolled steel frame
Soft high density foam
3 chairs
5 years
Lead time
15 working days
Trade Term
7 layer carton box

For all sitting at home watching movies or TV series on your TV, home screen,laptops or Ipad are most people’s choice, especially for those homebodies. Commercial movie theaters won’t be outdated. People still have the willing to go out to get something fun. After all, travelling outside home is totally different from the feeling at home, especially for those who fall in love at the first begining when it is not so convenient to watching movies at home. So only if your cinema screen room is competitive enough, your commercial theaters must be always crowded with guests. So just make your movie theaters worthy to go.

home theater electric recliners
home theater electric recliners

As one of the most important part of the screen room, movie theater chairs should be the first thing you need to update. Change your standard cinema chairs with electric reclining chairs which is theater sofa style seating with adjustable functions. Theater seating sofa is comfortable just like the household sofa but also with cup holders for popcorn and beverages. Besides, the movie goers can make themselves at any position they like with the buttons at their finguerprints.

recliner switches
recliner switches

Just like the traditional cinema chairs, the electric recliner chairs can be made in straight row or curved rows with unlimited seats in the row. Fathermore, power recliners save much more troubles in assemblling when the chairs are download at the spot. There is also no need to fixed the recliner sofa on the floor which save a lot of labors and costs.

electric reclining chair with led lighting
electric reclining chair with led lighting

So replace your cinema chairs with electric recliner sofa is nothing bad except some more cost at the first begining while it will attract more guests for your movie theaters which also help your other business grow.

electric relcining theater chairs
electric relcining theater chairs

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