Movie Theater Couches


Brief Introduction

Color: White, other color is optional
Upholstery: Mirco fiber leather
Weight: 52 KGS
Recline: manual recline
USB Port: Yes
Tray Table: Optional
Cup Holder: Black plastic cup holder
Adjustable Headrest: No

Movie theater couches recliner LS-841

Movie theater couches LS-841 is a manual recliners with 4 seats connected. The middle armrests are wide enough and comfortable.

Different from other models, the cups are in the middle armrests. This makes the chair side arms wide also and big enough. The button which control the manual mechanism is in the end of 2 sides. When you want the footrest back into the chair, you just need to push it with your two legs before get up from the seats. Very simple and easy.

What is the most important thing when you buy the theater couches for your home cinema. That is of course the comforts. And the comforts is as well as quality the first thing we are working for.


What is the upholstery for this movie theater couch design?

It’s covered with micro fiber leather+PVC here. But you can also choose to make it full micro fiber leather, genuine leather+PVC or full genuine leather. Genuine leather can be top grain cow leather or buffalo leather. It is optional.

What is the reclining mechanism?

It is manual reclining mechanism. Manual mechanism make the chair recline possible in a cheap way. But if you have enough budget, you can also consider power reclining mechanism. It is simple but more expensive. While I have to say that is really convenient for adjusting the chairs without any efforts.

How many cups are there in the chair?

The cups are in the middle,but it is still based on the principle of one seat one cup.

What is the frame of the couch?

It is consisted of strong cold rolled steel frame, wood frame foam, and spring in the chair.

Can I choose the color I want?

Sure, we can offer you color swatch for your choice. Let us first the upholstery you want and then we will send you color chart.

How big is the chair?

The CBM is 0.6. And we can load 45 seats for 20 GP container, 112 seats for 40 HQ container.

What is the MOQ?

MOQ is 9 seats

How is the packing?

One chair one carton box, with PE inside and then hard carton box.

Movie Theater seating dimensions

Seat core width  580 mm
Arm width   130 mm
Overall height  1200 mm
Length when stretch out   1600 mm

How to assemble the chairs?

Firstly open the box, take out the backrest and put it into the seat by the two metal parts, connect the wires inside and then it will work. Very simple. If you don’t know how to work, we can also send you video. Below is the picture instruction.

movie theater chair assemble
movie theater chair assemble

What is the Warranty of the leather theater couch?

10 years for metal frame
5 years for other material
3 years for reclining mechanism

Theater seating couch layout

home cinema recliner layout
home cinema recliner layout

How to keep the theater sofa recliner using more and longer?

  1. Please avoid chemicals or drinks spoiled on the sofa.
  2. Don’t expose the chairs to the sunlight.
  3. Avoid scratch and cut by sharp things like knife or something like this.
  4. The frame are durable without worry. But still try not to through it from a high place or impact it hard.
  5. Don’t buckle the manual button very hard. After all, it is plastic.


Variations in shade, texture and natural markings are all characteristics and qualities of fine leather.

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