Space Saving Home Theater Seating

Brown space saving home theater seating LS-822 is good for those movie lovers who don’t want to buy tickets but also no big house. It saves a lot space as a home theater seating. So even you only have a standard room as your home cinema, you can also use comfortable home theater recliner sofa.

space saving home theater seating

Brief Introduction

Color: Brown
Upholstery: Microfiber leather
Weight: 52KGS
Recline: Electric recline
USB Port: Yes
Tray Table: Available
Cooling Cup Holder: Available
Accessories dock: Available

Brown microfiber Leather Space saving home theater seating

It is not possible for every family to have a big house with spacious home theatres. For the common people, our house may not big, but we can still make some room for home theatres if you are the movie fans. So mini home theaters is the trends.

In this case, space saving home theater seating is very important. Besides, the more people watching the movie together, the more same feeling you will have as that of seeing movies in the commercial cinemas. If you buy movie theater chairs that can save space. Then you will enjoy better than go to the cinemas.

LS-822 is such a space saving home theater sofa in brown microfiber leather. It can be in many other colors that meet your tastes.

space saving home theater seating
space saving home theater seating

Features of space saver home theater seating LS-822

  • Leather upholstery
  • With Power Reclining Functions
  • With USB Port For Charging
  • With Cup Holder
  • CBM: 0.5 60 Seats Per 20 GP Container, 150 Seats For 40 HQ Container
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Fast Delivery:15-25 Days
  • Assembly:Easy Assembly For Each Seat Is Delivery Separately By Hard Carton Box.
  • Assemble Instruction Will Be Provided.

 space saver theater seating upholstery options

Usually we prefer and suggest leather theater recliners for home movie theaters. But if you want an economic version, fabric can be used for the upholstery. Here are some options to meet different budget.

  1. Full genuine leather.
  2. Genuine leather on the surface+PVC in the sides of the cinema sofa
  3. Microfiber leather + PVC
  4. Full microfiber leather on all sides
  5. Fabric on all sides

Colors available for home movie chairs LS-822

recliner chair cow leather

Real leather

recliner chair colors

Micro fiber Leather

Top grade and selected material we use for our home theater chairs

Electric Recliner Chairs On Sale High Density Foam

We use very high density foam to make our home theater movie chairs. It is very soft and comfortable. We can make diffferent hardness (soft version, middle version and firm version ) according to your requests. Usually middle firm is the most common and we suggest it because it is not only cozy but also relaxing even after you sit on it after a long time.


Selected Timber frame for the cinema chairs for home

Our cinema recliner is constructed with 2 frames. One of it is the wood frame. We use very thick solid wood frame as the base. It makes the chair bear heavy people.

wood frame
timber frame
timber frame
wood structure
wood structure

How to deliver the chairs?

As home theater recliner sofa is a piece of furniture, even it is a small home theater seats, we usually ship the chairs by sea to your destination port. Door to door service by air plane or by sea is also available.

  1. By sea freight, or directed by our representative in the local, suggested.
  2. By air plane

Home theater sample rooms

Here are some sample of home theater rooms. Some are from our customers and some are our showroom. If you don’t know how to make a home cinema at home, welcome to contact us to consult and we will give you our experienced suggesstions.

home theater recliners
VIP seating
home theater sofa

Why do you need space saving home theater seating

You may build a home cinema by yourself or invite someone who is professional in setting up a home theater. No matter in which way, it is a very exciting thing to improve your home and save much convenience and get more joy in your future life.

While home is home, a place where we live, entertainment area is just part of it. So space is always a problem for most families. In this case, you can see how important it is choosing a space saver theater seats for home.

While you may also need to consider the size of the screen according to your home theater space. The screen is also a factor to decide your room. Make sure the theater sofa has a view of the entire screen that is within a 30-degree field of view.

About Linsen seating Furniture

Linsen Seating whole sale home theater chairs and other commercial movie theater chairs around the world. With good quality and reasonable price, our chairs is highly welcomed and popular among our customers. They are not only satisfied with the products itself but also the service from us.

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