Orange Leather Reclining Movie Theater Room Seats With Diamond Stitching LS-856OR

Movie Theater Room Seats
Movie Theater Room Seats
leather theater seats in orange leather
leather theater seats in orange leather

Movie theater room seats in orange leather is not a common choice for most of the home theater enthusiasts. It is an exceptional option for a small part of people who want to be different. How do you like this orange home theater recliners?


  • Electric Recline
  • Soft & skin-friendly genuine leather
  • Diamond Stitching
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
  • Power adjustable headrest
  • USB port for charging


Overrall height: 1010mm
Seat cushion width: 580mm
Arm width: 160mm
Arm length: 880mm
Full depth when closing: 980mm
Full depth when opening: 1720mm

Why Do You Need Custom Movie Theater Room Seats From Linsen Seating?

Linsen Seating is a professional custom movie theater room seats manufacturer. We have specialized knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing reclining theater seats, ensuring high-quality theater recliners tailored to the specific needs and preferences of customers. Here are some of our advantages.

  • We can make your space optimized.
    Home theater room varies a lot. You may not be able to realize your ideas with a standard dimensions. Linsen Seating can tailor custom seats to fit the specific dimensions of the home theater room, optimizing space and ensuring that every seat provides a great view of the screen.
  • Linsen Seating Offers Different Seating Materials & Design Options
    Linsen Seating offer a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to choose from various materials, colors, designs, and features to create seats that perfectly complement their home theater room.
  • Linsen Seating Offers Guarantee Of Their Custom Theater Seats
    Linsen Seating prioritize quality and durability in our theater chairs, using premium materials and craftsmanship to ensure that our custom seats are long-lasting and able to withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • More Personalized solutions can be offered.
    As an specialist in home theater seating, Linsen Seating is able to offer personalized consultation and design services, working closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and preferences and creating tailored seating solutions that meet or exceed clients’ expectations.
  • Instant Reply and frequent following up and updates.
    Linsen Seating knows very well how precious is the trust from clients. So we care what our clients care about. We provide frequent following up and instant reply throughout the entire process, from initial design discussions to installation and after-sales service, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for customers.

Choose Linsen Seating when custom movie theater room seats. We will provide with high-quality, personalized seating solutions that enhance the comfort, style, and enjoyment of your home theater experience. We will make it one of your most successful decision.

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