How to choose upholstery for home theater seating

Different upholstery gives you different taste of the home theater seating. How to choose the covers when you buy home theater chairs?

Upholstery types of home theater seats for sale

Generally, there are 5 kinds of way to match the upholstery for the home cinema recliners.

  1. Full genuine leather.
  2. Genuine leather on the surface+PVC in the sides of the cinema chairs for home.
  3. Full microfiber leather on all surface
  4. Microfiber leather on the surface+PVC in the sides of the home theater recliner chair
  5. Fabric on all sides

Which type to choose?

When you choose the upholstery of the home cinema seating, you may consider those factors like the decoration of your home cinema, your likes, and your budget. You can choose any color you like no matter which type you choose. So the most important factors are your likes and your budget.

Genuine leather is the best and most comfortable choice if you have enough budget. Full leather is the highest end chairs. It is optional by cow leather or buffalo leather. Cow leather is softer than the buffalo leather. Compared to microfiber leather, genuine leather touches softer and smoother. While their durability is no big difference.

theater chairs leather
theater chairs leather

The microfiber leather we use looks like same as genuine leather. You can only tell the differences when look close and carefully as well as when you touch it. There is a good point if you choose microfiber leather compared to the genuine leather. That is it never has any flaw on the leather. While genuine has it because the leather is from the cow or buffalo, the skin of the cow or buffalo maybe bit by the mosquito and it is inevitable to have a chance of the flaw leather.

recliner chair colors
recliner chair colors

So if you don’t have enough budget, but you still want to have a durable and high-end home theater sofa, choose the microfiber will be a good choice.

If you want to a cheap home theater seating, you can choose the fabric upholstery. It is the cheapest option. While the shortcoming of fabric is that it is hard to clean. But it is also durable. If you get the fabric contaminated, it takes efforts to clean it. While if it is real leather or micro fiber leather, it will be much easier to clean it.

media chairs fabric
media chairs fabric