How To Choose The Best Home Cinema Seating For Your Home Theater

Home cinema seating, as one of the most important factors when you set up a home cinema, decides if you can build up a perfect home theater. There are various home theater seating online in theater seats stores. They are different in designs, dimensions. colors, functions and quality. So how can we figure out which one is best home theater seating for your home theater? Let’s follow the below suggestions and answers, you could find out the desirable home theater chairs and supplier.

1. What is the wood used for the wood frame of the home theater seats?

The raw material of the wood frame is important for a home cinema seating. It decides on the weight it can bear. It is like the bone of the body. Some people uses very bad quality wood frame to support the home cinema chairs. It result in short warranty and many customer complaints about the quality.

For example, some home theater seating manufacturers uses particle boad to make the frame. This makes the chairs easy to collaspe. Even the screws can not be fixed after some time using of the chairs.

Linsen Seating Furniture uses hard wood for the wood frame. This not only offer good support for the whole chair, but also last long with screws in. Our wood frame has a warranty of 8 years. Let us see the comparation of our wood frame and other bad quality frame.

raw material - wood
raw material – wood

2. What is the foam used for home cinema chairs

The foam decides on the firmness of the chairs. If a home cinema chair is comfortable enough, the foam has much effects on it. The foam should be soft but with high density. Otherwize, it is easy to deform. Or it is hard. Also the way to padding the foam also has influence on the softnness. Some people uses recycle foam and some are not good at hand craft which result in the bad feeling when sitting on the chairs. Here are the foam we use. We have 3 kind of combination of the foam to make 3 different firmness.

foam and softness
foam and softness
movie theater chairs foam
movie theater chairs foam

3. The functional chair parts the manufacturer choose

The functional parts including the reclining motors for the seat and for the headrest ( some chairs are with motorised headrest and the headrest motor), cooling functions, tray tables and tablet holders or wine glasses holders. The most common function is the reclining function which is the basis of the home theater recliners. The reclining mechanism should be based on a strong steel metal frame and stable working motors. Linsen Seating Furniture offer very strong steel frame and durable motors, which has a warranty of 5 years.

4. The upholstery the manufacture use

There are 5 kinds of upholstery options for home theater chairs. The most common used one is the top grain cow leather for the surface. Top grain cow leather is more smooth and feels much better when touched. Of course, to meet different taste and budget, Linsen Seating Furniture also offer good quality microfiber leather and suede fabric options. These are all very thick and durable. We will offer you more information if you contact us.

theater couch leather
theater couch leather

5. The workmanship the home theater seating supplier use

The workmanship is another significant factor which decides if the chair is nice looking. Good hand craft makes the chair more durable and comfortable and better appearance. When you buy home cinema chairs, you can refer to some more details and real photo of the related products so that you can make sure you are buying what you need.

6. Think about the decoration of your home theater style and theme

For a specific home theater, you will also need to consider the style. Do you want a fashionable style or classical style? Do you want to have a theme for your home cinema? If you want a fashional style, you should match the comtemprory style home theater recliner chair. If you want a classical style, we may recommend you classical style home theater sofa. Also if you want a theme like the Minions or other cartoons, you can add some cartoons embroidery on it. Here is an example below.

minions embroidery
minions embroidery

7. Choose the right home theater chair dimension for your home theater room

Each home has different space for their home theater. Some are big and some are smaller. So when you choose reclining home theater seating, you need to first see how big is your home theater, and how many people do you want to fit. The most advantages Linsen Seating Furniture is that we can customize a few dimensions especially for a specific home cinema room according to their size. We can adjust the width of the seat cushion, armrests and designs to work out the best and most suitable recliner home theater seating for you. So if you want to find the best home cinema seating for your cinema room, come and talk to Linsen Seating Furniture.

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