How to preserve leather theater recliner

Generally, leather theater recliner are expensive. The way that you use them decides on how long it can be used. How to preserve leather theater recliner?

If you can protect it and use it correctly, you can expect a new reclining theater sofa a life span of 8 years at least except for the electric part.

As to the electric part, we have 3 years warranty for the motor and other parts 5 years warranty. If you need to replace them after a few years of using, we will offer you replacements. For the other things like frame structure, upholstery and cup holders etc, we have a few suggestions as below.

  1. Please preclude chemicals or drinks spoiled on the recliner chair.
  2. Don’t expose the reclining theater chairs to the sun light. Otherwise, the side which is shined by the sun wil be not so deep color, it will fade away.
  3. Prevent scratch and cut by way of sharp materials like knife or some thing like this.
  4. The frame are long lasting without worry. however still are attempting it from a high location or have an impact on it hardly.
  5. Don’t press motor controller button very tough and all the time.
  6. You may buy some cleanser every 2-3 months to do deep cleaning, that will make the cleaning much easier and better clean the recliners. While for daily cleaning work, you just need a dry towel or cloth.
  7. Keep the room ventilation to make sure no moist on the seating.