LS-9108 Home Movie Theater Sofa With Diamond Stiching

home movie theater sofa
home movie theater sofa

LS-9108 is a electric home movie theater sofa with footrest light under the seat. Covered with thick and soft cow leather, it features with its exquisite design pattern and ultra comforts. With seamless integration of technology and aesthetics, it adds a touch of elegance to your home cinema, creates a haven for relaxation and cinematic enjoyment.

Features Of LS-9108 Home Movie Theater Sofa

Movie Theater Sofa Row Of 4

Power Theater Recliner Seat

movie sofa row of 4
LS-9108 comes in a row of 4 seater. 4 seat theater seating suits most of movie theaters. It is very easy to fit in mini cinema at home. If you have enough space, 2 rows of 4 seat theater recliner make your home cinema looks upscale.
home theater power recliner sofa
LS-9108 is a home theater power recliner sofa. You can adjust any positions you like with buttons at your fingerprint. You can change angels or positions slightly without bothering anyone else beside you.

Ultra Comforts

With Footrest LED Lighting

home movie theater sofa with diamond stitching
Home movie theater sofa LS-9108 is very cozy for its plush finishing and cushion. It is made of soft foam based on strong sinous spring, metal and wood frame, providing not only ultimate comforts but also very good and durable supports.
power theater recliner sofa
There is blue ambient light under the seat. One one hand, it adds a subtle and stylish touch to the overall ambiance of your home theater, providing soft illumination that contributes to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, it serves a practical purpose by illuminating the floor area around the seating. This can help prevent accidental tripping or stumbling when occupants move around in the dark, enhancing overall safety in the home theater environment.

Modern Design

Long Life Span

home theater with 8 recliner sofa
LS-9108 is a modern home theater seating with sleek stitching lines and minimalist aesthetics. It can go well with any modern home cinema deco just by changing colors that fit. It goes beyond mere functionality, offering a sophisticated and technologically integrated solution that enhances the pleasure of home entertainment.
reclining theater seats for home movie theater
LS-9108 is very durable. Becuase it is made by selected premium materials.It has a warranty of 15 years on the frame. If these theater sofa are used and maintainned properly, you will enojoy long time entertainments on these recliner sofas.
home theater with 8 seats
home theater with 8 seats
home cinema electric recliner sofa
home cinema electric recliner sofa

Distinguished Controller

6 Blue Touch Buttons

touch button controller
Different from traditional switches, LS-9108 power recliner sofa is controlled by a special controller. It looks more contemporary and is more functional as well. Isn’t it more charming than a standard switch?
touch buttons
There are 6 buttons on the controller panel. They turn to be blue buttons when you touch and turn it on. The buttons are power button, heating ( for seat heating pad), open for recliner, close for seat recliner, massage buttons and footrest LED lighting.

Wireless Charger

Hidden Cup

wireless charger
Another fantastic design of this theater sofa is its with a modern wireless charger. It is really very convenient to have your phone charged just putting it down nearby your hand.
hidden cup
It is a big surprise to see a cup under the controller panel. You can get it out when you need the cup and conceal it when you don’t need it. Just like magic. It is really very smart home style.
headrest diamond stitching
headrest diamond stitching

Headrest With Diamond Stitching

The whole headrest is with exquisite diamond stitching, adding a touch of elegance and luxury and making it a more appealing piece of home theater furniture.

diamond stitching arm front side
diamond stitching arm front side

Special Arm Front Side Design Pattern

Standard arm front side is usually plain or with full diamond stitching or other stitching patterns on the whole. While LS-9108 has a special stitching and design pattern. It looks like a diamond arrow in the middle, making the whole seating much more sophiscated and luxury.

LS-9108 Home Theater Seating Dimensions

Dimensions and layout decide how many seats you can fit in your home cinema. So pls check dimensions if it fits in your space. Here are dimensions of LS-9108. If you have special needs on dimensions, pls feel free to contact us for more details.


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