What Is the Best Home Theater Seats

Home theater seats comes in many kinds and styles. Some people may use regular sofa, bean bag chairs, standard cinema seats or even some other style of chairs. But home theater recliners should be the best and most suitable chairs for a home cinema as it is born especially for movies.

Many people said the normal sofas and chairs are OK, why do I need to buy reclining home theater seats? Isn’t it pretentious? It is right that normal sofas and chairs can be used for watching TVs or movies at home with low cost. While you can totally have a different movie experience sitting on home theater recliner sofa. Home theater sofa seating can bring your movie watching experience to a new level. Because recliner home theater seating is more comfortable with versatile innovative functions. A theater recliner can be with those functions below.

  • Electric recline – This is a basic function in a theater recliner. The chair backrest can come down while the chair footrest is stretching out.
  • Power headrest – power headrest meaning you can adjust your theater recliner headrest at any position you want. This lets you very comfortable in a movie marathon. Adjustable headrest is one of the best feature in a home cinema seats.
  • Cooling cup holder – That is to say, there will be a mini refrigerator in your movie recliner chairs. Your can drink cool beverages in hot days. The cooling cup holder is very smart with many touch buttons.
  • Message functions – If you feel pain when watching a movie, you can put the message buttons to relieve your pain.
  • LED lighting – LED lighting has almost been one of the standard equipment for movie recliners. It makes your home theater environment really amazing.
  • Tray table – Big tray table can hold your food, laptop and other stuff.
  • Wine glass holder – You can leisurely enjoy a cup of red wine in a movie.
  • Ipad/ Iphone holder – You can watch something on your pad without turn on your screen.
  • Lumbar support – Many people are worried the chairs may not fit their height. While with lumbar support and adjustable headrest, height is not a problem. With these 2 functions, there is no need to worry about this problem any more.

When cosidering the cost, some normal sofas with good quality and conforts will also no less than a qualified and comfortable reclining home theater seating with those good functions and features we mentioned above.

So considering both features and cost, power theater recliner chairs with adjustable headrest will be the best home theater seats for movies at home.

Linsen Seating is a professional home theater seats manufacturer for more than 15 years. Here are some of our best home theater seats.